Amazing coffee doesn’t just simply happen. It takes a modern approach. It’s the endless pursuit of becoming something better in order to make a lasting impact to elevate those around us.

We are a passionate family of coffee growers from Minas Gerais dedicated to the production of extremely high quality Brazilian specialty coffees, all in the purest expression and carefully picked with love.

After years of experimentation with conventional processing methods, we have pioneered alternative and innovative processing methods that are not only sustainably viable for the environment, but are ushering in a new era for coffee that is produced throughout Brazil.


Our farms elevations range 1000 - 1280 meters above sea level and are located in the only city in the entire country where the Atlantic Forest converges precisely with the Cerrado Mineiro. Combining both biomes presents an ideal combination of precipitation and acidity from de Cerrado Mineiro soil. Regional micro-climates are also an ideal circumstance that allow our coffee to consistently showcase its uniqueness and versatility as a result of the regional micro-climates. 

The coffees produced on our farm are Rainforest Alliance Certified, UTZ Certified, guaranteeing sustainable practices and social and economic benefits to the region of Cerrado Mineiro.


To us, relationships mean everything. We strongly believe in establishing a direct relationship and connection with our roasters. Our vertically integrated model provides the luxury to allow full transparency from seed to cup. Our Coffees handles all phases of the green coffee supply chain, including producing our very own exclusive micro-lots, milling, green coffee storage, and export logistics and importation into America or Europe through our own internal importation company located in California and Hamburg. All of our partners are always welcome to come stay with us on the farm and witness our operations firsthand.


We strive to be at the forefront of engineering unique and complex flavor profiles for coffee lovers through technology and innovative processing methods. 

With the help of our infrared bean analyzers and years of experimenting endlessly and refining our approach to our processing methods, the sacrifice is now standing out on the cupping table. New world fermentation techniques, paired with alternative eco washed processing methods are revolutionizing the flavor paradigm of Cerrado Mineiro.