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Producer: Jose´ Maria de Oliveira

Farm: Fazenda Serrinha

Region: Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Altitude: 1200 MASL

Harvest: May - October 2019

Lot: SF00282

Lot Size: 14 Bags (30KG BAGS)

Variety: Red Catuai

Process: PARA ELA - Anaerobic Fermentation with Tangerine, Exclusively Hand Picked.

Drying Time: 68 hour anaerobic fermentation with Tangerine in water tanks | 24 - 26 days drying period on raised dry beds | Raking and rotation (6) times daily beginning at 7am until 6pm

Certifications: RFA, UTZ

Cup Notes: Ripe Fruit, Sweet Caramel, Molasses, Sugar Cane, Bright Clean Acidity, Velvet Body.


68 Hour Anaerobic Fermentation - We have 4 fermentation tanks at the farm we use for our experimental fermentation micro lots. The coffee cherries first pass through our grater to remove the cherry skin from the coffee cherry and allow 70% of the mucilage to remain covering the seed with a golden/yellow complexion. The coffee is then placed in fresh water tanks immediately after removing the thin layer of cherry skin from the fruit and seed for 68 hours. During the 68 hour soaking period, sugars and enzymes are carefully broken down by microorganisms developed during fermentation and the absence of oxygen increases the efficiency of altering the lipids in the sugars that ultimately enhance the acidity and complexity during development of the coffee.

The coffee is rotated by hand 3 times a day and carefully regulated by adding fresh water as needed to the water tanks to maintain stable temperature conditions during the 68 hour fermentation period. Following the fermentation period in the tanks, the coffee is then placed to dry on the raised drying beds for 24 - 26 days and is raked and rotated 6 times daily for consistent exposure and constant airflow.


We are excited to announce our exclusive special limited reserve “Para Ela” micro-lots, that are 100% women selected. These coffees are very near and dear to our hearts because they were carefully selected and sorted with love by the women of Our Coffees.

“Para Ela”, which translates "For Her" is our representation to the world of what we can achieve through the power of coffee. During the 4 month hand selection and sorting season, to financially empower the women of Campos Altos and shine a light on the financial disparity occurring in the country, we decided to take action and dedicate the entire hand selection and micro lot production to be harvested only by women. During the hand selection season, our pickers earned 50% higher wages than the regional average, and employee household incomes increased by 85% during the picking season as a direct result of the Para Elas production. The ripest and most pristine cherries were carefully hand selected and sorted with love exclusively and only by the women of Campos Altos.

Farm Details:


FAZENDA Serrinha





AREA: 120 HA

LATITUDE: -19.676825

LONGITUDE: -46.275105


Fazenda Serrinha is the very first farm of the Our Coffees family purchased by José Maria in 2004. Everything on the farm, José constructed with his bare hands, including the very first light post on the property. The main house on the farm is located on Fazenda Serrinha where José Maria and his family resides. The farm is home to the drying patios, raised beds, wet mill, silos, orchard, garden, and horse stables.